Grounded: what happens to spiders if you activate the arachnophobia mode?

> When making a video game where spiders are expected to be present, it is always important to remember that a part of the public is sensitive to phobia towards these animals. Obsidian Entertainment also knows this, which since the announcement of its peculiar Grounded has emphasized its intention to introduce a specific method for arachnophobics , which will allow them to experience the miniature survival game (literally) without the fear of eight-legged animals that could feast on their mortal remains. Available for a few hours in Early Access (and with excellent reception), the game now allows you to test this functionality yourself. If you are worried about the spiders that will turn in the garden where you will become a centimeter tall – and therefore possible tidbits – know that you can play very serenely: going in the options, in fact, you can decide between five different levels of mitigation of the figures of the arachnids .

You can, for example, hide some of their legs, or directly all of them, transforming them into balls with eyes that roam the grass. And if even this figure still worries you, then you can also decide to turn them into white balls that almost look like mochi Japanese – looking anything but threatening.

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