Google Stadia, the launch of demos is a priority for post launch

Google Stadia will launch, at a later stage than the release of the founders’ package, a series of trials that will allow you to test the games on the service before buying them.

This was revealed by the head of product John Justice in the last Stadiacast, explaining that this opportunity is very “top of the list” of things to do after the initial release.

The idea is that “we want to allow you to jump as easily as possible” , and one way to encourage subscribers could be to give players the chance to test some titles before signing up for the service .

In addition, Google also wants to allow as many users already on Stadia to “discover new games, new things, stuff you haven’t tried”.

We remind you that the launch of Google Stadia is scheduled for the month of November, although in a phase of early access exclusively for payment.


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