Google paid Activision, Nintendo, and others to prevent competition

Google had no rivals in the field of app stores because, according to the latest information, it would have paid many companies to prevent them from opening them .

Consoles like Nintendo Switch, which you can always find on Amazon, would also benefit greatly from having a dedicated application store.

Combined with the Online service, which will improve over time, having a dedicated app store would have been a big breakthrough.

But Google, which recently finished its Stadia decreeing also the end of some exclusives, he prevented that from happening.

As VGC reports, Google has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent other companies in the sector from opening rival app stores.

The information comes from the lawsuit that Epic Games is filing against Google, for the matter of Fortnite, which details other payments made to various companies (via Reuters).

Google would have paid Activision Blizzard about $360 million over three years. As well as Riot Games, a League of Legends company, since they were paid to Tencent (a company that has shares in Riot) $30 million in one year.

The lawsuit also names Ubisoft and Nintendo among a list of 24 companies, in the context of accusations against the tech giant of anti-competitive restrictions on the market for mobile devices.

The developer deals reportedly included YouTube posting payments and credits for Google ads and cloud services. The Big G said these deals to keep developers satisfied reflect healthy competition.

A situation quite important to note. It all stems from Epic Games, which said that Google felt threatened by the decision to distribute Fortnite for Android outside the Play Store, a move it circumvented platform holder fees with a new direct payment option and led to Google removing the game from its platform.

Speaking of Activision, recently emerged the real reason why Microsoft has always been interested in the company, and it is quite predictable.

As for Stadia, instead, pay attention to your accounts because the refunds have already started.

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