Goldeneye 25 shows itself in a new video

The fan-made works continue for the remake of the great classic GoldenEye 007 . A group of fans, who named the project Goldeneye 25 , is working on the Nintendo 64 title, adapting it to Unreal Engine 4: the intent is to recreate the entire game and get it out for free on PC in August 2022 .

If the plan, in words, seems too ambitious to you, we propose the new video just published, which shows the scenario of the Silo recreated in the remake. It goes without saying that, the authors specify, the quality is not yet that of the final game. The game, for the capture, was running on Intel Core i7-8700, with GTX 1080 GPU and 32 GB RAM.

Do you like the idea of ​​reliving the Nintendo 64 release?

Source: DSOG

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