GOG has not informed the developers of the new refund policy

During the week we reported about the new GOG store policy regarding refunds, which can now be requested within 30 days regardless of the time spent on a game.

As revealed on Twitter by several developers, the CD Projekt online store did not, however, inform the creators of the titles affected, necessarily, by this change.

“Developers (at least most of us) are never consulted when Steam or GOG make fundamental changes to their services,” explained Ragnar Tornquist, author of Draugen. “They sell OUR games. They make money from OUR games. Why don’t we have a say in how OUR games are sold? “

Mike Rose, of Yes, Your Grace, Descenders and Not Tonight, shared that “something I will say about this change in GOG’s refund policy (users can get refunds for anything they buy up to 30 days later) is that GOG didn’t tell the developers before they did. Which is pretty bad, regardless of whether you think it’s a good idea or not. “

Rami Ismael of Vlambeer, finally, observed that “30 days is much more than I feel is necessary to evaluate a game, and much more than what almost all the games require to be completed by playing it an hour a day” , adding that “the young man would surely abuse me a lot” of this policy.

Meanwhile, from the store, they made it known that internal tests have experienced a change only from 0.49% to 0.51% in the volume of requests for refunds, although these internal tests took place naturally on a very limited sample.

We will see at this point if GOG will gather all this feedback from the developers, big and small, to review their choice.

Source | Eurogamer.net

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