God of War Ragnarok has a reference to the classic trilogy that you may have missed

From yesterday is finally available God of War Ragnarok , the new adventure of Kratos and Atreus, which is making a lot of talk about itself also thanks to various hidden gems and curiosities .

The sequel to the epic title released in 2018 (which you can also find on Amazon at a very attractive price) is in fact playable on PS4 and PS5 since November 9th.

Apparently, between one The Last of Us 2 Easter Egg and the next, someone has unearthed a reference to none other than the classic trilogy of GOW born on PS2 consoles.

Also reported by The Gamer , God of War Ragnarok in fact hides a hint of the unfortunate captain of the original trilogy.

The captain was a character that appeared in the first God of War , who ran into Kratos while he was in the mouth of a hydra .

In the game, the god of war killed him twice , the first to take the key around his neck and a second time to the Underworld, to prevent himself from falling into the abyss.

After the first chapter, the captain also appeared in God of War 2 as an enemy during a boss fight with the Barbarian King , only to return as a cameo in a note in the Underworld of God of War 3 .

The 2018 God of War also refers to the captain, whose boat somehow ends up in the Norse kingdom and sinks in the Lake of Nine.

As reported by Kotaku , Ragnarok continues this little tradition in an amazing way. In one of the game’s first side missions , Kratos and Atreus work together to free a creature into the sea.

After completing the side quest, Kratos writes a note in his diary in which he refers to the captain, admitting that he has wronged him and that his actions have done so. “Deprived of liberty”.

Staying on the subject, on the pages of Gameshift we also showed you a movie that highlighted the differences between the PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 versions of the PlayStation game.

But that’s not all: Did you read that some Sony Santa Monica developers were apparently “freaking out” just three months ago?

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