Forget Silent Hill: a historic survival horror comes out on Halloween

On the occasion of the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021, the return of a famous Japanese survival horror series was confirmed: Project Zero Maiden of Black Water .

In all likelihood, the release of Resident Evil Village has rekindled the “hunger” for scary and in their own way terrifying titles.

Expected on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Switch and PC , the Koei Tecmo game is known in North America as Fatal Frame , distancing itself from the Silent Hill saga.

Basing its appeal on Shinto esoteric ghosts and rituals, Maiden of Black Water is a remastered title originally released on Nintendo Wii U.

Now, Koei Tecmo Europe has confirmed that the game will be launched on next October 28 , that is almost in conjunction with the Halloween party, only and exclusively in digital version (just above, find the new trailer).

Among the novelties of this improved version we point out a photo mode in which players can use any character or ghost of their adventure, place them on a background of their choice, adding a variety of effects to create the perfect scary photo.

Also added new costumes and accessories including “Punk Ensemble” by Yuri, “Cutesy Goth Ensemble (Black)”, “Swimsuit (Blue)” and “Triathlon Suit” and “Miku Hinasaki Outfit (The Tormented) “by Miu,” Cutesy Goth Ensemble (white) “,” Swimsuit (yellow) “and” Swimsuit (pink) “, together with Ren’s” Groom Suit “.

Fans will be able to purchase a Digital Deluxe Edition of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water , which includes a copy of the game, a digital artbook and six costumes inspired by the previous ones characters from the series.

These include Mio Amakura and Rei Kurosawa’s dresses for Yuri, Mayu Amakura and two Miku Hinasaki dresses for Miu and the Kei Amakura dress for Ren.

Below, the official storyline of the game:

Yuri, Miu and Ren are three souls whose destinies are about to collide inexorably. Attracted by the mysterious Mount Hikami , where a dark force lurks, they have only one certainty: none of them will be able to escape.

The intertwining of their stories will lead you to explore abandoned apartments, winding forest paths and ghostly sanctuaries, where fear is always by your side and shadows follow your every step …

Last year it was rumored that director Christophe Gans would direct the film adaptation of Fatal Frame / Project Zero , although there is no longer any trace of the project.

Speaking of Japanese survival horror, have you already seen the first project of Bokeh Studio, the new development house from the creator of Forbidden Siren ?

Finally, we remind you that August will be the month in which the mystery behind Abandoned will be revealed, the horror for PS5 connected to Hideo Kojima.

If you’re in the mood for horror, you can retrieve Silent Hill HD Collection at the best price on Amazon.

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