Forget Pokemon, there’s a Palworld mod with Digimon

For some, Palworld is a plagiarism of Pokémon, which in turn is a source of inspiration for Digimon.\r\nWithout affecting games like Scarlet and Violet (which you can find on Amazon), the Pocketpair game has nevertheless become a phenomenon, even among modders\r\nJust think of the Pokémon-themed mods that popped up online and then removed, with all the consequences of the case.\r\nNow, after a new mod for Palworld that adds the Permadeath mechanic, it’s time to discover the one that adds the Digimon (in fact, it’s actually just one).\r\nAs also reported by GamingBible, a modder replaced Eikthyrdeer with Garurumon, and the result is not bad at all.\r\nYou can find the mod on Nexusmods – obviously in free form – and will replace the deer Pal with the well-known Digimon.\r\nAlthough the download is available for a single monster, it cannot be ruled out that others will not arrive in the future.\r\nThe mod replaces only one Pal, but there are many possibilities that the modder decides to go further.\r\nLet’s just hope that a DMCA from Bandai Namco doesn’t block everything, as has already happened with the mods dedicated to Pokémon.\r\nFrom the mods that we have seen so far, including this one, it is obvious that fans want more from Palworld, which continues to be a mass phenomenon.\r\nWe don’t know if this mod will be able to make the Pocketpair game more beautiful, but in any case it is always better than having to deal with another Pokémon mobile clone.\r\nRemaining on the topic of plagiarism, only a few days ago the former legal head of The Pokémon Company intervened on the issue: here are his words in this regard.\r\nFinally, a data miner named Brian Cozzens has found a certain Dark Mutant in the game files, in every way similar to the famous Mewtwo from Pokémon.

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