Finally, here is Super Mario in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

The Pokémon franchise has returned a few months ago on the Nintendo Switch of fans thanks to the remakes of the fourth generation chapters Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl .

These were undoubtedly a success for Nintendo: loved by the public, they represented a detachment from the last eighth generation chapters (which instead caused a lot of discussion), recording very good sales numbers.

Just Pokémon Diamond has now begun to host a rather unique tenant, coming straight from another great Nintendo classic.

Have you ever thought about what Pokémon and Super Mario would be like in one game? If you haven’t done so, RiazorMC , a skilled modder who has landed Sinnoh the most famous plumber in the world of video games.

In fact, a video is available on Youtube in which we can see Super Mario free to run and jump in the entire map of Diamond and Perla , starting from the city of Twinleaf (the first one you start from in the game) up to the Pokémon League .

However, it must be said that Mario’s level of interaction with the environment is really reduced to the bone: you can’t enter buildings , caves and you can’t even find Pokémon in the grass. Also, not even an NPC can be found.

A nice surprise is instead the Staryu that Mario can collect once he reaches the end of his path, the League.

Unfortunately it is not possible to try the mod as the user has decided to show it only through his Youtube channel.

This is a very particular mix, and it must be admitted that it is quite impressive to see Mario wandering around one of the maps most loved by fans of the Pokémon games.

Also on the subject, recently someone has seen fit to recreate Pokémon Sword and Shield on Game Boy Color: an unmissable demake for the nostalgic.

To conclude, surely the most awaited title by fans is Legends Pokémon Arceus , which will arrive on Switch shortly and which we have told you about in these pages. If you have at least a little curiosity, take a look at our special.

You can already order Pokémon Arceus Legends, we suggest you do so on Amazon at the best price.

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