Final Fantasy XVI? It will make you say «look at the power of PS5!», for Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI was the grand finale of The Game Awards a few days ago, when producer Naoki Yoshida took the stage to present the trailer “Revenge” of his next and awaited effort.

The trailer, we learn directly from Yoshida, ran in real time and according to the author this will be a game capable of highlighting what PS5 would be able to do with its computing power .

Speaking during an appointment dedicated to his Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida explained:

«In the latest trailer, everything you see is being rendered in real time, there are no uploads! It has become a game that makes you say ‘look at the power of PS5!’“.

Undoubtedly, the trailer was a good thing to see, especially for its dark atmosphere and some old acquaintances that the historical fans of the saga will surely have recognized – right, Fetid Breath?

In the same post, Yoshida also spent words of enthusiasm for the PS5 SSD, which obviously allows you to have a smoother experience and with minimal loading, compared to what could instead be done through the hard drive of the previous PS4.

In spite of himself, FFXVI has just recently ended up at the center of the dispute between Sony and Microsoft relating to the FTC for Activision Blizzard: the Redmond company, in fact, has highlighted how the game has become exclusive to PlayStation consoles by virtue of contractual agreements between Sony and Square Enix which, in fact, would cut Xbox players out of a historic saga that has been making the history of the medium for the past thirty-five years.

We’ll see how the matter evolves: in the meantime, those armed with PS5 know that they must circle the date of next June 22 on the calendar, when Final Fantasy XVI will officially make its debut on the market (and you can reserve it on Amazon). And, by then, we’ll discover more of his mature soul, which also earned him a rating as a 17-year-old game at the American ESRB.

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