Final Fantasy XIV, patches postponed to protect the health of developers

The story of Final Fantasy XIV , and its rebirth, is one of those videogame miracles now known to all.

The way the development team turned the tide of the ill-fated MMO in the Square Enix saga is manual work, which has brought results which are difficult to predict.

Such a massive success that, with the latest expansions, Final Fantasy XIV has been removed from digital stores because it is “too popular”.

A situation that lasted for over a month, and which has only recently returned to being available on some of the platforms from which was removed to stem the queues access.

One of the reasons for the success of Final Fantasy XIV is certainly the support that has been given to the game. Not only with the larger sets, but with the content that is inserted more closely.

As well as the patches, and fixes , which the development team promptly creates to stem all the problems in the game.

With video games of this type it is normal for developers to find themselves having to work for many hours , resulting in situations that can inevitably become stressful.

For this reason, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV wanted to make a very important decision , almost unusual for the current gaming market: slow down the pace of patch releases corrective.

As PCGamesN reports, game updates were released every three and a half months. From now on, starting with version 7.0 of the game, will be released every four months .

Two additional weeks given to developers, a way to let the team breathe , as Naoki Yoshida explains:

« I want my team to be healthy , and to be able to maintain a good level of quality so that they can take the necessary breaks. To be honest, there were some areas where we might not have worked to our full potential, because some of us might have gone too far. “

A truly commendable decision , which has allowed the game to reach a quality standard now and into the future.

A future that’s filled with tons of content , despite the more calm the development team has taken, you won’t be orphaned of things to do for much longer.

Even Lost Ark has found itself having irrepressible success, so much that the servers are already at their maximum and the situation is not will get better soon.

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