Final Fantasy VIII turns 21 today

It was February 11, 1999 , when in Japan it saw the light for the first time Final Fantasy VIII , the famous role-playing game starring Squall Leonhart – as well as the first of the series that attempted to pursue a graphic sector in a more realistic style.

The twenty-first year of the game, which takes place today, has been particularly eventful and has squeezed the hearts of the nostalgic, with the arrival of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – although many would have preferred a Remake, in the wake of Final Fantasy VII, including Yoshinori Kitase.

We will see if, in the future, there will be further space for the SeeD fight against witches. In the meantime, we recommend you to visit our dedicated file for all the details dedicated to the role-playing game of the Squaresoft era.

Who was your favorite character from Final Fantasy VIII ?

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