Final Fantasy VII, wrestler becomes Sephiroth and enters the ring as a true villain

Sephiroth is a very immortal character and apparently Kenny Omega is also a big fan of Final Fantasy VII.

Also thanks to the return with great fanfare of the franchise with the controversial Remake, which you can also retrieve on Amazon, heroes but above all antagonists of the beloved JRPG are back in vogue .

The saga is making a comeback in general with an impressive makeover, amid worries and opportunities, which we will see fully unravel in the coming years.

And despite the big maneuvers already announced it seems that Square Enix has another trump card, which we will soon see.

Meanwhile, the fans are enjoying it in one way or another, like Kenny Omega who wanted to celebrate the iconic villain in the best possible way. At least the of him.

As ​​IGN US reports, the wrestler he showed up at a recent show impersonating Sephiroth, obviously with “One Winged Angel” in the background.

Canadian’s former AEW World Champion attended to face England’s Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship.

At this year’s Japan Wrestle Kingdom, Kenny Omega entered the ring in his character’s signature overcoat, strutting to the beat of the iconic gear.

It is no coincidence because Tyson Smith’s stage name is inspired by the “Omega Weapon” of Final Fantasy, and for an important part of his career his finishing move was called… One Winged Angel.

So it could be said that this disguise is not exactly a coincidence, considering the wrestler’s love for the world of video games and his characters.

Just like that Sephiroth that someone wanted to recreate, in a certain sense, trying to wield a sword identical to that of the character.

By the way, do you know why the antagonist of Cloud and his friends appears much earlier in Final Fantasy VII Remake than in the original?

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