Final Fantasy VII, someone has created the “perfect” Remake for the nostalgic

Final Fantasy VII certainly needs no introduction, being one of the most popular chapters of the entire franchise produced and developed by Square Enix, so much so that a few years ago it also received an excellent remake .

Taking into consideration the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (which you can find on Amazon), the adventure of Cloud and associates is still very popular today.

Now, while fans have been busy creating more than amazing mods for the official remake, another enthusiast has decided to go further, for a real dip in nostalgia .

As reported by Game Rant , someone has well thought of inserting the original polygonal models of the ’97 game in the most modern remake.

A new mod for the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake allows gamers to take on the role of the characters seen in the original version of the game.

Although people have been clamoring for over 20 years for a remake of the iconic 1997 RPG, now that he’s got it, it’s time to turn around .

The original Final Fantasy VII is still an incredible game, even with its block characters : Barret’s huge rectangular forearms, Cloud’s spiky hair and a truly “edgy” style is what a new mod has decided to replicate in the remake.

The Polygonal Players mod made by ‘FantasyRaiderr’ then transforms the smooth, high-definition characters of Final Fantasy VII Remake into blocky puppets of the 1997 title.

Sure, it’s a simple drag and drop for those who plan to enjoy the game on PC, as the character models used in the add-on are from the version of FFVII for Windows PC from 1998.

Speaking of nostalgic creations, some time ago a fan created the perfect Final Fantasy VII themed birthday present, a truly one-of-a-kind diorama.

But not only: have you read that in a few months it will be the turn of a unique event for Italy to celebrate 35 years of Final Fantasy ?

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