Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part 1 will be as big as a regular Final Fantasy

It’s a very hot day for Final Fantasy VII Remake and all the fans waiting to get their hands on the return of Cloud Strife and companions. In this regard, our Filippo Consalvo chatted with the developers and we can confirm once again that Yoshinori Kitase underlined that the game will have important proportions .

If, in short, you were wondering what experience, in terms of proportions, you can expect from this first episode (of an undefined number, ed ) that will take place entirely in Midgar, know that Kitase talked about “a regular Final Fantasy” . The game will therefore have a generous duration and will also be complete with many stages of exploration, secondary quests and scenarios to be discovered – although it covers only the first part of the complete journey of Cloud and companions that we experienced in 1997.

Do not expect, in short, an episode 1 of limited duration, if this was your concern. In this regard, have you already read that in this release Red XIII will not be a playable party member, but only a guest?

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