Final Fantasy VII Remake in 8K with Ray Tracing destroys controversy

This 2021 finale brought us many controversial stories , including the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The new version of the remake of the beloved title from Square Enix had promised a great port , which did not turn out to be exactly that.

The verdict of Digital Foundry , an authoritative voice in the field of technical analysis, was not at all flattering towards the PC edition.

But the community is already working to improve Final Fantasy VII Remake , because the first simple tricks to make the title better have arrived .

Now that the title Square Enix has entered the world of PC gaming can finally experience the thrill of mods , the ones that have made titles like Skyrim immortal.

We could not miss, in fact, someone who was able to push the technical potential of the title to the maximum, with the two magic words: 8K and Ray Tracing.

As Wccftech reports, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been tweaked with the now ubiquitous mod mod Beyond All Limits which, as the name suggests, makes us forget all the limits of the game.

The result of this painstaking work can be seen immediately below, with the video showcase :

With the resolution set to 8K, with Ray Tracing enabled and the dynamic resolution disabled, complete with no blur and HUD to return a more cinematic experience, it’s something really remarkable .

The interesting thing is that the dynamic lighting of the original game is so good that Ray Tracing doesn’t seem that influential, so beautiful is the final result that you can see above.

In addition to these technically powerful mods, there are also those who wanted to have fun with other more absurd mods and fun. Yes, you can play with Cloud always dressed as a woman if you want.

Even PlayStation 5 users can rejoice, because surprisingly Sony has made the upgrade available for the new generation of Sony.

But what is Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC like instead? The answer is in our review, of course.

If you have a PlayStation 5, the best version of Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on Amazon at a great price!

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