Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, there is controversy over the Moogles

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was released a few days ago and, surprisingly, players were wondering what had happened to the Moogles (or Moogles, whatever you prefer).\r\nThe adventure of Cloud and his companions that you can experience in the full game (which you can pre-order on Amazon) will in fact be full of references to the original game, including characters.\r\nThe Moogles are in fact a staple of the Final Fantasy series and have had various roles over the years.\r\nOne thing that What usually never changes about these cute little animals is that they are almost always adorable, at least until now.\r\nThe small and floating characters have in fact been redesigned for the remake and now have a slightly disturbing appearance, something that some fans don’t has really gone down (via GamesRadar).\r\nIt’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this version of the Moogles so awkward, but there are a few theories.\r\nFor starters, the little guys now look more like a koala – which would be fine normally – but there’s something strange about a marsupial with rodent-like teeth, extremely expressive eyes and a teddy bear-like body.\r\nOn X/Twitter, Final Fantasy fans agree that the new Moogle is \

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