Final Fantasy VII, better Tifa original and remake? There is the definitive comparison

Final Fantasy VII delivered the character of Tifa to history and the Remake gave her back to us, but which is the best?

The charming fighter, who you can also admire in the beautiful Play Arts Kai that you find on Amazon, has stolen more than one heart in her career.

Among these is the actor Robert Pattinson, who discovered love with Tifa and Aerith and found himself in the inevitable choice of Final fans Fantasy VIII.

Tifa also gave the Square developers a hard time Enix, which now present you with the definitive confrontation.

Now that a new month has begun, Square Enix has once again shared a new FFVII Remake calendar for the month of April 2023.

This time we can admire Tifa Lockhart’s artwork for a month, in a version similar to the dynamic theme proposed a long time ago on console.

The calendar published by Square Enix offers Tifa in its two versions, original and remake, allowing us to understand once and for all which one we like best:

And now it’s not easy to decide.

The two Tifas sitting on the water tower in Nibelheim have, in their own way, a different charm.

Although the one in the remake is obviously more defined and therefore more beautiful, the original Tifa from Final Fantasy VII has the vintage charm that takes us back to the beautiful times gone by.

The problem is that Tifa is already beautiful by her by her and any “operation” that is done to her does not change her condition. At best you can make her “different”, as she did a long time ago.

The Final Fantasy VII saga ultimately gave us many beautiful characters, which Square Enix wants to celebrate with… NFT trading cards.

Square Enix’s experimentation continues in the world of unique digital content and does so with Final Fantasy VII, and which despite everything still looks like a great priority for the company.

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