Final Fantasy 7 Remake, story changes were needed

Final Fantasy 7 director, Yoshinori Kitase commented on the nature of game remakes, explaining why Final Fantasy 7 Remake it departs from the story of the original.

The sequel to the  Remake (you can find Intergrade at a great discount on Amazon) is in fact just one of the games dedicated to the storyline of the seventh chapter of the saga.

After all, Japanese players can now mark the official day dedicated to Final Fantasy 7 on their calendars, to be marked in red on the calendar.

In an interview with VG247, Kitase – who is also Remake producer – was asked to change story elements without altering the impact of the original game.

“We approached the FF7 Remake project with the aim of creating something that could be appreciated both by fans of the original game and by those who didn’t know it, declared Kitase.

«I have had experiences where a game that I loved and enjoyed a lot it has been remade in the past, and I bought and played it for the irrepressible nostalgia. It’s enjoyable for a while, but the nostalgia fun only lasts for the first few sections. I realized it halfway and didn’t keep playing.”

And again: «For this reason, I decided that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would not just appeal to nostalgia, but would also include a new story to give a feeling of nostalgia and freshness at the same time».

Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings a considerable number of changes to the story of the original; some fans have even described it as a sequel rather than a remake. It is also clear that the story of the next episodes will take new directions, as confirmed by Kitase.

«The result of these changes is that, for Part 2 and Part 3, we are able to offer fans the emotion of wondering which parts will be 100% faithful to the original and where new elements will be added», declared Kitase.

Remaining on the subject, some time ago it was confirmed that it will not be mandatory to have played the previous chapter to better enjoy Rebirth: Square Enix has in fact promised that the new episode can be played also like your first FF.

But that’s not all: Square intends to release new updates on the development of FFXVI, the next big one dedicated to the saga: new and interesting information will be disclosed before the official release.

Finally, a possible remaster/remake of Final Fantasy IX should be on its way, according to an interesting leak, although to date there is no official confirmation.

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