Far from great releases: in 2023, players on PS5 always played the same things

We know that 2023 was a year of big names when it came to major releases on the videogame market: also thanks to some postponements from 2022, there were many titles that found a home in the last twelve months, populating a line-up where there was truly an embarrassment of choice. However, when it comes to the most played, there is nothing to be done: it is the same historic names that assert themselves, which are always very loved.\r\nThis is confirmed by the data that PlayStation has released on its official website, where it reveals what were the most popular games of 2023, country by country. And between Baldur’s Gate III, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2 or the hugely popular Hogwarts Legacy, the usual suspects stand out.\r\nThe rankings are based on the total hours played on PS4 and PS5 from January 1st to November 30th. The fact that the data is based on hours played, obviously, favors persistent games with monstrous longevity: it is difficult to expect that an Alan Wake 2 can win, being single player and story-driven.\r\nThus, for Italy the all three games are old releases, as you can see.\r\nThe most played games on PS4 and PS5 in Italy in 2023\r\n\r\nFortnite\r\nFIFA 23\r\nGTA V\r\n\ r\nAs you can see, Epic Games’ timeless battle royale triumphs, followed by last year’s football and by the eternal and most recent episode of GTA, waiting for the future GTA 6 in 2025.\r\nEven in other countries things are they are practically similar, as you can see below – with some changes between FIFA and Call of Duty, depending on the country and the popularity of football.\r\nUnited States\r\n\r\nFortnite\r\nCall of Duty\ r\nGTA V\r\n\r\nUnited Kingdom\r\n\r\nFortnite\r\nFIFA 23\r\nCall of Duty\r\n\r\nSpain\r\n\r\nFortnite\r \nFIFA 23\r\nCall of Duty\r\n\r\nFrance\r\n\r\nFortnite\r\nFIFA 23\r\nCall of Duty\r\n\r\nCanada\r\n\r \nFortnite\r\nCall of Duty\r\nGTA V\r\n\r\nIt’s impressive that Fortnite manages to establish itself practically everywhere, with the exception of very few countries (such as Brazil, Poland, Colombia and Saudi Arabia) where it is displaced by FIFA 23.\r\nThe rankings that come from the Far East are very interesting, showing the different habits of local players:\r\nSouth Korea\r\n\r\nDiablo IV\r\nFIFA 23 \r\nElden Ring\r\n\r\nJapan\r\n\r\nApex Legends\r\nGenshin Impact\r\nFortnite\r\n\r\nApex Legends, the battle royale production from EA, is therefore very popular among Japanese PS4s and PS5s, with Fortnite content with third place, behind the beloved Genshin Impact.\r\nThe Korean ranking is perhaps even more interesting, considering the presence of two role-playing games such as Diablo IV and Elden Ring, interspersed with the omnipresent FIFA 23.\r\nIn short, the other persistent games that have tried their luck more recently have not managed to displace the sacred monsters that appear in this ranking: further confirmation of the fact that yes, the live service model can be profitable, but it is not at all easy to convince people to spend time playing your game if you don’t offer something truly engaging in the long term – even capable of encouraging fans to dedicate their time to it , rather than the games they already love and know well.

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