Far Cry 5 is the most sold game of the generation for Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege boom

Ubisoft has revealed some data related to the progress of its games, letting it be known that, among all those who published in this generation, its most successful title was Far Cry 5 . This is an important fact, if we consider that the game is only available from March 2018, that is for just over a year.

Regarding the game, the company points out that  «has exceeded sales»  than any other with Ubisoft signature released in the current generation â € “then,  Assassin’s Creed included. The figure was taken into account taking into account the sales of the copies of the game, not the revenues it generated.

There is also an update dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege , the longest life video game in Ubisoft. Since its launch in 2015, the title has generated $ 1.12 billion in cash, taking into account sales, in-game purchases and seasonal passes. Also, let’s talk about a title that has been growing for three consecutive years .

The community now has over 45 million players, up 40% in recent months alone. You are also a member of Siege ?


Source: VG24 / 7.com

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