Fans are certain they have found out who will be at the center of the Marvel game from the creator of Uncharted

Among the new Marvel games coming up, there is also and above all the new game by Amy Hennig , the creator of Uncharted .

Lovers of the Nathan Drake saga (find Legacy of Thieves at a discount on Amazon) as well as the various heroes of the House of Ideas, have been keeping an eye on this project for a long time. we have very little information at the moment.

It is also true that The House of Mickey Mouse has recently unveiled the first major event dedicated to its videogame productions, the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase , which could reserve some surprises in this sense. / p>

Anyway, after fans had already dabbled in guessing which hero (s) would be protagonists of the Hennig game, have now gone even further .

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As also reported by GamesRadar , Amy Henning’s next Marvel game could tell a story of the Fantastic Four , as speculated by fans.

As pointed out in a post on Reddit the Marvel game currently being development with Skydance New Media and directed by Amy Henning is a “choral” game .

It was previously speculated that the title would be centered around Daredevil, Ant-Man or, indeed, the Fantastic Four: the names were proposed as potential contenders in an episode of the podcast Fatman Beyond – conducted by director Kevin Smith – from 2021.

Taking care not to give too much away, Smith had hinted that some chat participants had guessed the project (many had mentioned the F4s themselves).

We also already know that Disney / Marvel is planning a reboot of the Fantastic Four film series in Phase 6 of the MCU, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a game dedicated to Reed Richards and associates was also in program, especially after the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man and the excitement surrounding its sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 .

Staying on the subject, Marvel’s Spider-Man had a debut with a bang, according to the Steam numbers: there is really a great desire for PlayStation games on PC.

But that’s not all: data found in the code of the PC edition of the game dedicated to Wall Climbing suggests that Insomniac is considering a co-op based on spiders.

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