Fans against the price of Tactics Ogre: “an armed robbery”

After numerous rumors had chased each other, in the past few hours the official confirmation has arrived: Tactics Ogre Reborn is reality and will allow fans of strategic role-playing games to relive with a technical refresh one of the greatest classics of the genre.

While many rejoiced over this return, which has been scheduled for next November 11 , others were more perplexed by the list price chosen by Square Enix . Going to the Steam page of the title, in fact, you can see that pre-orders amount to 49.99 euros – practically a full price for a PC release.

And the reactions, as you can imagine, did not take long to arrive, especially since we are talking about a version «based on that of 2010» , as the announcement of Square Enix, with «better graphics and sound, plus refined dynamics that give life to a Tactics Ogre renewed but true to its origins».

For some, in short, we are talking about a remastering that would not have required so much effort, compared to the price to pay to take it home.

“It’s really disrespectful but not surprising this year. If you bought those Final Fantasy remasters, you are authorizing Square Enix and you have to blame yourself »says one player on Steam, referring to the prices of Pixel Remasters , themselves much discussed.

Some point out that in this case we are talking about a real remastering, compared to the work done with Final Fantasy , but other players report that the price is still to be considered too high as it is not a real remake.

Still others point out that depending on the region this price gets even higher, another says «I’m not at all surprised that they chose this price. I love the game, but I won’t pay that much for a port . My PSP copy works perfectly ».

Even on social media, going out of the Steam community, there is no shortage of perplexed ones. On Twitter, a gamer joked that «Apparently, Square Enix’s financial plan for fall 2022 is armed robbery fans Tactics Ogre ».

Among other things, in several posts the players were also very perplexed by the filters used for the character sprites , raising some negative comments similar to those that we saw in due time for the return of Final Fantasy VI and the way in which it had changed the graphic style of the protagonists.

It is difficult, however, to imagine that Square Enix will retrace its steps, having identified the 49.99 euros as the ideal price for the launch of Tactics Ogre: Reborn .

The Japanese company will have an end of the year particularly rich in JRPG : as we told you on Thursday, there are many works – with more or less evident hybridizations – that it has in the pipeline for lovers of RPGs. The hope, of course, is that everyone will find their ideal price without pulling too hard on the passion of the fans.

Also recently The Last of Us – Part I (you can find it on Amazon), a remake of the original, has caused a lot of discussion for its price, with many players who considered the 80 euros unjustified to the point of calling it «a scam» . Naughty Dog explained the motivations and the work behind this operation, but some concerns raised by players, pending the launch in September, remain.

Tactics Ogre Reborn is expected on November 11th on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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