Fallout New Vegas could have been a different game than what we know

There are some chapters of a given franchise that are more loved than others, and Fallout New Vegas is definitely one of them when it comes to the famous Bethesda saga.

After all, New Vegas (you can find it in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog, discounted on Amazon) has immediately hit the hearts of fans, who have long been clamoring for a sequel.

Although there is no mention of it at the moment of a sequel, new and interesting backstories about the original game have recently emerged, which still hides several secrets.

As also reported by Eurogamer.net , in fact, it seems that New Vegas could have been a simple expansion of Fallout 3 , but it wasn’t.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of Fallout , Bethesda has released some interesting retrospectives on the history of the series.

The latest video is about Fallout New Vegas and Todd Howard , executive producer of Bethesda and one of its best-known public figures ever, revealed that the game was initially conceived as an expansion for Fallout 3 .

Howard said that, following the success of the third installment, there was an internal “push” to take advantage of the momentum that the game had created.

The decision had been made to add a “big” expansion pack to the game, which it then deviated from the previously planned tracks.

Howard had felt “strongly” that New Vegas should be a game in its own right , and it did, luckily for us.

Towards the end of the video, Ashley Cheng, CEO of Bethesda, said she has a lot of respect for Obsidian for his work in taking someone else’s engine, technology and tools and build something fantastic .

Obsidian has since created Grounded , which completely pulled out of Early Access last month. In our review we called it “an experience as fun as it is different from the logic of the more classic survival” .

Staying on the subject, Fallout will be the next TV series inspired by the world of video games, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, the first photo has just been released.

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