Fallout 76 prepares for the new survival mode (in beta)

Bethesda is continuing to work on improving the gaming experience offered by its controversial Fallout 76 . In fact, the videogame will welcome the new Survival mode , first in beta, which will be added to the one previously available – for the occasion called Adventure .

Fallout Survivor details 76

Since the release of Fallout 76 we have received feedback from the most competitive players looking for a more challenging challenge , fewer restrictions and more incentives for PVP combat, so we have started to develop Survival Mode, which will allow you to tackle more dangerous but also more lucrative adventures.We are still in the development phase and expect to introduce it in the game gradually , adding new content as you go, here’s a preview of what Stage 1 of Survival will offer when it enters beta testing “anticipates Bethesda, on the official Fallout .

The note continues anticipating that the mode will be selectable from the main menu and that the objects obtained in one will also be valid in the other: if, in short, you will bring home a weapon in Survival, later it will also be available in Adventure.

It is also stated that the mode will be essentially a all against all , so be prepared for the fact that all the people you meet will be very likely to be hostile opponents .

If you play Survival with an existing character , all advances in the Adventure mode will be maintained , and what influences the character in one mode also influences the other. This means that if you run out of all the ammo, level up, complete a mission, spend caps or find a new weapon in Survival, it will happen equally in Adventure. If you prefer to keep your current characters as they are, we recommend that you create a new one for the hardy Survival Mode “is explained by the development team.

You can not” invite “a player to PVP combat . You can attack others without restriction from the beginning. In this way, every stranger you meet could make you out in the blink of an eye (or you could do it!).

In addition, the level increase in modality Survival does not work as in Adventure mode. This makes it possible to balance the situation especially for newbies, who will have some more possibilities against the high level strangers encountered in the Contaminated Zone. The result? You will always have to be alert in every fight, as even a low-level character might give you a hard time.

Of course, the fact that the challenge is more difficult also means that the rewards will be better Regarding the mechanics of death, Bethesda explains: “ currently, players who die in Survival mode can not choose to come back for revenge, but only to return to your CAMP or in Vault 76. We would also like to give you double the caps for killing another player and introduce the possibility that this leaves his supplies or other items on the ground (in addition to the materials). Risk and reward dynamics such as these will make every death more devastating and every killing more profitable. We emphasize that these changes are not yet confirmed and that we will make changes based on our playtesting and your feedback in beta . “

All the tiles, in short, seem to want to compose the image of a particularly ruthless mode, which aims to add a little ‘pepper to the game universe of Fallout 76 .

We remind you that the game is It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.For reviews, videos and insights, please refer to our dedicated tab as always.

Source: Official Fallout website

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