Fallout 76 and PvP, the answer to the griefing is a bounty system

On the occasion of the QuakeCon, Bethesda has made some clarity about how she intends to manage the PvP component of Fallout 76, which in the meantime has already been imagined by users with incorrect behavior.

In particular, the intent is to limit to the maximum the phenomenon of griefing, with higher level players who can target those of a lower level and eliminate them continuously to obtain their loot.

The level 5 stake was already known, before which players can not be eliminated by others in PvP, but there is more. In this case, the game introduces a system of sizes.

Players who repeatedly kill others who have not attacked first will be marked on the map and will have a size on their heads.

Eliminating a player with a size allows you to get huge bonuses and special rewards, as a sort of incentive to keep the map clean from harmful elements.

The size, moreover, will be paid with funds that will not be generated automatically by the game but will be subtracted directly from the wallet of the wanted player.

Finally, after being killed for no reason, we will be able to seek revenge and get her to receive double rewards.

Will it be enough to keep PvP in good shape? Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Fallout 76 talent system in the new video from QuakeCon.

Source: Windows Central

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