Fallout 4 Remastered is pretty much another (next-gen) game

Fallout 4 Remastered is not an official product but the fruit of the work of a fan and his 200 mods installed on the PC version.

The original game was launched almost six years ago and continues to be enjoyed on both PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

For now, the franchise is focused on Fallout 76 , the latest and very different online installment of the RPG series.

Waiting to find out if there will be a future for the single-player trend, Bethesda is preparing to inaugurate a new futuristic sci-fi branch with Starfield in 2022 .

In this climate of “suspension” for the IP, as we anticipated, fans do not rest on their laurels and continue to personalize their experience.

The youtuber Ded String uploaded a video dedicated to Fallout 4 and in particular to the PC version customized probably up to the threshold of explosion.

In the video, you can see a real Fallout 4 Remastered , which looks like a completely different game thanks to the contribution of over 200 active mods.

The good thing is that the modder provided a complete list of all the mods active during the shooting of the movie.

Among the simpler mods we see at work are those for the interface, the weapons and even the Pip-Boy , all different from the vanilla variant.

If you own a PC copy of the game, well, now you can find out how to make it truly next-gen and far superior to what you’ve seen on console.

Gamers’ imaginations have been unleashed in the past on Fallout 4 , as in the recent case of a cross with Silent Hill , so such an achievement is not too much of a surprise.

The last official step of the saga was the closing of the story of the Brotherhood of Steel on Fallout 76 , which left a bittersweet flavor on the palate of the fans.

But what are the best and worst episodes of the post-apocalyptic series? We told you about it in our special ranking.

Speaking of historical Bethesda projects, Skyrim Special Edition is now available at a great price on Amazon

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