Fable will be a “modern” version of the series: Xbox reveals new details

Among the most fascinating and mysterious projects in production at Xbox Game Studios there is certainly Fable , the return of one of the most popular during the Xbox 360 era about which, for the moment, we know very little.

We know that it will be a real new beginning of the series (find the first trilogy on Xbox Game Pass, discounted on Amazon), developed by Playground Games and that it is an extremely ambitious.

So ambitious that the developers have even “forbidden” Xbox from showing it to the public and the press, at least until the production has made progress enough to allow the Redmond house to reveal all the more interesting details.

However, production seems to be going very well, at least according to the words of Matt Booty , head of Xbox G ame Studios: in an interview with Skill Up (via Pure Xbox ) we were able to discover some interesting details about what we can expect from this new chapter.

Some fans in fact have many doubts about the actual success of the product, taking into account that Playground Games has dealt with the Forza Horizon series: in response to a question that asked how it was possible to do a transition from racing games to such an ambitious RPG , Matt Booty wanted to make very reassuring statements.

«[Playground Games] has a particular passion for IP and I believe they have already shown that they understand what Fable ‘s heart and soul are, and how they can carry them forward for the sensibilities of today and create a modern version ».

It therefore seems clear that not only gameplay improvements will be implemented, but also the new narrative – which a respectable figure will take care of – will also take into account modern needs to create a work that does not really exclude anyone .

Matt Booty also pointed out that the things he has seen so far in development are “ very encouraging ” and that he would like to show them to the public, but it just isn’t quite yet. The time has come to do so: all that remains is for fans to cross their fingers and let Playground Games be able to give their mark on this important saga.

In any case, it seems that the authors of Forza Horizon will not be the only ones to take care of this important reboot: according to a recent report, it seems that Xbox has started an important collaboration with the house of Deus Ex .

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