Fable III turns 10: but where is the new chapter?

It was October 26, 2010 and the old and unforgettable Xbox 360 saw the light of Fable III , the third official chapter of the famous fantasy action RPG saga born on the first Xbox.

Created by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios , the game was the direct sequel to the second episode, set 50 years after the events told in the chapter previous one. The land of Albion is now battered by the new king, Logan. It will be up to our hero (or heroine) to fix things once again.

Below, the official Xbox UK tweet that (in a way) celebrates the game’s anniversary: ​​

The game achieved good success with critics and audiences, although shortly thereafter the series was wrecked without ever giving the community a fourth official episode (if you exclude the spin-off Fable: The Journey ).

The latest installment of the franchise, Fable Legends , was in fact a free-to-play multiplayer coop whose development was abruptly halted before the title could get out of beta.

Where is the new Fable on Xbox Series X?

At the time of writing, the information on the new Fable is very scarce, except that the next chapter will act as a real reboot of Microsoft’s fantasy role-playing series (as has been announced. last July).

The next chapter is in fact under development by a second team of Playground Games (known for the Forza Horizon series), so much so that according to the latest rumors it seems that Turn 10 Studios – responsible for Forza Motorsport – would have decided to help their English colleagues in the development of the new Fable .

But not only that: also a few months ago, there was a rumor that the new project could be a MMO , that is to say an online multiplayer RPG along the lines of The Elder Scrolls Online , news later denied. It will almost certainly be an action RPG, just like its predecessors (and that’s good and right).

Of course it’s also true that Matt Booty , head of Xbox Game Studios , has confirmed (via Gaming Bolt) that developing a new Fable is like making a new Star Wars, since it will be absolutely necessary to provide a balance between the elements that fans want to see and the novelties to be introduced, in order to take the franchise a decisive step forward.

The hope, therefore, is that with the arrival of Xbox Series X (expected on November 10th), Microsoft will finally begin to reveal the first official information on the new Fable : after all, the times are ripe for players to get their hands on a new chapter, especially after all these years of waiting.

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