F1 Manager 2022 has already been “killed”, just two months after its release

The world of video games can be ruthless, and F1 Manager 2022 has discovered it the hard way, it seems.

The title, also present in the console version on Amazon, was in fact abandoned in terms of support for additional content.

And it is a pity, as well as a surprise, because as we told you in our review it is a very well done managerial.

F1 Manager 2022 then joins the an array of games left to themselves , such as the latest spin-off of Final Fantasy VII .

The announcement came a little while ago in which, as VGC reports, the developer Frontier explained what will happen to the title now.

F1 Manager 2022 will no longer receive important updates by the development team. Not even two months after its release, dated 30 August 2022.

community manager Chris Groves explained that the upcoming game update will be the last significant, with the team now shifting the focus to other projects.

“Any potential update after this would be a minor patch that won’t significantly affect gameplay,” said Groves. A intent which was then expanded with other declarations:

«To ensure that upcoming F1 Manager projects fulfill their potential and meet the expectations of both our team and our community, the development team’s focus must shift completely to projects beyond F1 Manager 2022, after this upcoming update. »

However, Frontier has made it clear, with an additional statement, that although there will be no major updates for F1 Manager 2022 , the development team will still support him on the technical side with patches. and various fixes.

The news was met with hundreds of negative responses from disappointed players, some of whom said that the game looked unfinished at launch and was only about to reach the standard that they expected.

The managerial of Formula 1 thus joins a long series of video games abandoned by the development teams, including illustrious names such as Mirror’s Edge.

And Ubisoft isn’t kidding either, because it even dropped the ax recently on some Assassin’s Creed .

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