Even The Callisto Protocol victim of the leaks, two hours of play finished online

It seems that it is now almost impossible for a development team not to suffer from leaks, and this time it’s also up to The Callisto Protocol.

The title that aims to collect the legacy of Dead Space (you can already order it on Amazon) and for this reason one of the most anticipated video games of this last part of the year.

In the meantime, the players were able to enjoy a prequel to the story, with a protagonist who even comes from Star Wars.

An expectation that was also punctuated by questionable behavior on the part of the development team, which even blocked death animations behind paid DLC.

And as if that weren’t enough, now The Callisto Protocol has also missed two hours of gameplay just a few days after its release.

As ​​VGC reports, in fact, some players have been able to receive copies of the game in advance and, as often happens in these cases, some have posted videos online.

This mainly happens with shops, especially the large chains, which have the products in advance to be able to prepare for sale and distribution on day one.

However, some of these shops sell the products in advance, creating these situations in which even The Callisto Protocol ended up.

Basically, the first two hours of the game were shared at the speed of light online, showing the incipit of the long-awaited survival horror in three separate videos.

Videos that we will not show you out of respect for the development team but which, as you can guess, have multiplied and reached everywhere.

And to think that The Callisto Protocol comes out on December 2, so it really is a leak lasting a few days, even avoidable.

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself by checking if your PC is able to handle so much horror, since the requirements are really important.

Hopefully the deaths aren’t so few, despite the DLCs which are not a problem for the developers.

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