Elder Ring, a truly disturbing detail has been discovered

Elden Ring has now become a real cult in the genre of FromSoftware soulslike.

The game (of which you can buy the beautiful Launch Edition with fast delivery on Amazon ) has indeed become a point of reference over time, although the players are continuing to reveal its secrets as the months go by.

After unveiling the differences between the in-store version and the original one, it is now the turn of a truly disturbing new discovery .

No, we’re not talking about the mysterious colosseum in the game, but about something that will make the game a little more creepy , so to speak.

Warning: spoilers of the game from FromSoft follow. Therefore, continue at your own risk only if you have played and perhaps completed the adventure.

As also reported by Game Rant , the latest revelation concerns the disturbing status effect known as Death Blight , which can instantly kill a player Elden Ring .

The status in question is one of the fruits of the Prince of Death, so much so that his lethality is a thing Note. In a recently released video, youtuber Zullie claims that on Godwyn’s corpse and even on Rogier’s legs the prominent white spikes are actually insect wings , giving rise to a theory that makes the blood.

“A swarm of these insects surrounds both Godwyn and Rogier and also appears when the player is hit by the Death Blight,” said Zullie.

Insects would not be attracted to the plague, but would therefore be born as a fruit of its use . Considering that much of the lore of Elden Ring is based on science and mysticism, in particular on alchemy , this is hardly surprising.

In any case, this is a rather disgusting detail but at the same time also quite fascinating, which would further increase the level of accuracy and detail of the FromSoft title.

Staying on the subject, if you are in difficulty, we remind you that on the pages of Gameshift.it you will also find rich guides to the different features of the game.

Finally, if you’re really missing the base and don’t know what game we’re talking about, here’s our spoiler-free video review of the game.

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