Elden Ring recreated in Minecraft is the heaven of the Lightless

Elden Ring and Minecraft have nothing in common? The last word is never said in the community of fans.

The most famous building game in the world has turned out to be a video game that allows you to do anything , even beyond expectations.

In the hands of more experienced modders it is capable of becoming a next-gen video game, which makes even the most powerful video cards suffer.

And along with the Interregnum of Elden Ring , someone built an entire nation within Minecraft : seeing is believing.

Minecraft is a video game that stimulates , and satisfies, the creativity of the most inspired players. It is its strength that has made it an eternal video game.

When a Elden Ring fan is also a Minecraft fan, the more incredible things.

This is demonstrated by a Reddit user (and where, otherwise), who recreated the Interregnum with the typical voxel aesthetic of the Mojang game.

The world of From Software is full of evocative locations that leave their mark, and can sometimes stimulate even the most extreme creativity.

The gamer in question wanted to choose a particular area, namely the initial one . The one that serves as a tutorial as soon as the Elden Ring adventure begins.

I’ve made Elden Rings inspired terrain! from Minecraft

And, as you can see, the final result is nothing short of wonderful. With a lot of mods increasing the base quality of Minecraft , it must be said.

Between this, and the revival of the map of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , we don’t really know which is the best .

Speaking of Elden Ring , someone has discovered a trick to get extra loot within the game. We know you need it: you can find it here.

And if the title of From Software scares you , here’s a way to fail to take it more seriously.

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