Elden Ring, one detail makes it special compared to the other soulslike ones

Elden Ring returned to the public last June, thanks to a new gameplay trailer complete with a release date.

Fans, especially after the release of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice , were waiting with open arms for news on FromSoftware’s new soulslike.

Considering everything Hidetaka Miyazaki has recently unveiled about the game, including the map, combat system and overall longevity, it seems that the complaints will leave the time they find.

The lore of Elden Ring , including the game mechanics, also seems to be leaning towards sensational gameplay.

Now, the game’s Steam page has revealed more details about the title, reiterating that it includes open world, character customization and online options (via ComicBook ).

In addition to the classic multiplayer mode, which will allow you to connect directly to other players and face exploratory phases together, Elden Ring will in fact include an asynchronous online function that makes presence tangible of other heroes.

«A vast world, in which boundless lands full of dangers intersect seamlessly with underground mazes with sumptuous three-dimensional architecture. Explore the unknown and fight deadly threats in a world where survival is a conquest “, reads the page.

“In addition to creating your hero’s appearance from scratch, you can customize his equipment by choosing weapons, armor and spells. Develop his skills according to your style of play, favoring physical strength or focusing on magical practices », the description continues.

Most importantly, which will most likely make Elden Ring unique in its own way (especially when compared to other souls, especially the Dark Souls series ), is the fact that the game is described as an “epic drama” .

Experience a multi-faceted story told by fragments. An epic drama in which the stories of each character intertwine against the backdrop of the Interregnum.

Of course, the presence of George R.R. Martin , author of Game of Thrones , will allow the game to have a seriously more incisive narrative sector than previous From titles.

It is therefore not excluded that the story, in Elden Ring , may be more central and preponderant than other titles of the genre, in which it was often the lore itself that created the mythology rather than the cut scene or the twists of the script.

To find out more about FromSoftware’s “epic drama” we will necessarily have to wait for the launch of the game next January 20, 2022 , when it will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

We remind you that the game will have an avalanche of gifts and references of various kinds, as we have also told you in the special theme that you find on our pages.

At Gameshift we have also taken stock of all the details released so far on the new From game due early next year.

Finally, did you know that the project is not the first video game that the famous George R.R. Martin?

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