Elden Ring DLC, check out a clue to something unique to PvP

That Elden Ring will sooner or later receive a DLC is a fairly easy prediction to make, despite the continuing lack of confirmation in this regard.

The soulslike of From Software , which you can find on Amazon, has been a very popular and beloved title in all these months, with a hype that hasn’t dropped much since launch.

In fact, players are eagerly awaiting additional content as clues continue to emerge.

Whether it’s true or assumed, astral conjunctions or borderline conspiracy theories, fans of Elden Ring want to continue to believe that sooner or later there will be a DLC.

And guess what, Insider Gaming reports yet another hint of an alleged DLC for Elden Ring .

After update 1.07 some files have been added that would suggest the arrival of unpublished content within the From Software epic. Precisely a colosseum-style arena dedicated solely to PvP.

The clue was unearthed by one of the community dataminers of Elden Ring on Twitter , who showed details about an alleged DLC.

Within the hidden system files appear new cosmetic items for hair, six new weapons, a new arena-style map called the Colosseum, up to 30 new bosses , 16 items dedicated to npc and boss with the label “Someone Still Invisible”.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the list in question exactly represents the contents of the DLC , but it is the potential it can have as additional content.

The PvP arena is probably the most interesting element, as at the moment the most belligerent players can only clash with each other by invitation only.

Pending any additional content or not, Elden Ring is continuing to have new heroes in the wake of the legendary LetMeSoloHer.

Truly amazing players who are doing memorable feats, such as those who are trying to finish Elden Ring with a no hit run.

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