Elden Ring, could the Hogwarts Legacy themed mod have been missing?

It took too long, probably, for someone to think of combining Elden Ring and Hogwarts Legacy with an inevitable mod.

It must be said that the soulslike (which you can always find on Amazon) is full of magic in any case, and the crossover with Harry Potter doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

While Hogwarts Legacy has already unveiled some easter eggs inspired by Elden Ring and Dark Souls >, to welcome the most loved soulslikes in a single magical game.

If anyone managed to rework Elden Ring in 8-bit version, with a truly surprising result, someone made it even more magical.

As PC Gamer reports, in fact, a modder has inserted the magical combat and flying on broomsticks of Hogwarts Legacy inside Elden Ring.

A modder theme actually, called Garden of Eyes posted the Hogwarts Legacy themed mod pack last week for Patreon supporters (you can see it here).

The current version of the mod offers seven spells that come directly from the game, including the infamous unforgivable curses.

And in addition to a series of themed objects, the mod inserts perfectly functional flying brooms into Elden Ring .

How do they work in soulslike? You can see it in the video showcase:

It appears that brooms can be summoned and controlled in the same way Torrent is used, except that it is possible to lean and fly.

Moreover, again judging by the video, the flying broom provides even more freedom in the exploration of the Interregnum because even the most distant and impervious place can be reached more easily.

All while you can fight using the spells of the Wizarding World, to make the boss fights even more epic and galvanizing.

Garden of Eyes plans to expand its mod, but with some conditions: if the video showcase reaches 15 thousand likes, the modders promise to add more spells, brooms and characters. Reaching 30 thousand, on the other hand, even fully functional Quidditch will be included.

I wonder if this will make Elden Ring sell even more, which in the meantime has reached an impressive volume of sales.

Speaking of Hogwarts Legacy, the open world is no longer the bestseller of the moment, and was beaten by another recent phenomenon.

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