Elden Ring can last less than three hours, without ever dying (there is evidence)

Elden Ring , the latest soulslike produced by Hidetaka Miyazaki and his development team, put critics and audiences agreed during last February.

Similar to the Dark Souls saga, the game immediately entered the hearts and bowels of fans, both for the fantasy atmosphere and for the gameplay typical of From titles, but in an open key world.

After showing you what at the moment seems to be the most comical death ever, another player has accomplished an extraordinary feat, finishing the game in less than three hours .

In between epic kills, one fan completed the main adventure in record-breaking time.

As reported by Eurogamer.net , the YouTuber named ‘Niko Bellic’ managed to complete Elden Ring in just two hours and thirty minutes .

But that’s not all: the feat is even more epic due to the fact that the player succeeded in the enterprise without ever dying . Obviously, the speedrun does not see any compromise with boss fights, nor “waste of time” in the character editor.

Below you will find the complete video of the epic adventure:

We’ll see if anyone can do better, although going under two and a half hours to get to the end credits frankly seems impossible .

Whether it takes a little or a long time to get to the final credits, Elden Ring has already become one of the best video games ever, which leaves little room for doubt.

But not only that: over the past weekend there was a lot of discussion about the interface of the game developed by From Software and produced by Bandai Namco, so much so that someone imagined what it would be like if it had been set up by Ubisoft.

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