Elden Ring, a fan is taking on the bosses at level 1, naked and unarmed

Elden Ring is a video game that has attracted everyone’s attention, and for this reason it has also generated a considerable number of absurd stories.

The soulslike of From Software , which you can still find on Amazon, has become a real media case in the first few weeks.

You will remember the incredible legend of Let Me Solo Her, the heroic Senzaluce who faced Malenia countless times while helping other players.

While after the global success, we recently discovered what it was like Elden Ring in the beginning and it was very different from how we have known it.

And today it looks like we’re about to witness the beginning of a new legend . There is no high-sounding name, but a naked body that faces the bosses of Elden Ring without weapons .

This is a Reddit user who posted the enterprise of him. The idea is to take on all the bosses in the game this way, and for now he’s started with Godrick’s Soldier .

Godrick’s Soldier is the mini-boss that serves as a tutorial in Elden Ring . While typically considered to be the first mini-boss players encounter as part of the tutorial, it is completely optional as it can be completely avoided.

But don’t tell our hero, who fought him with ferocity:

On my 5th try i finally beat the hardest boss in all of Elden Ring with no weapons and on level 1 from Eldenring

A tense fight made up of great ferocity but above all great dodges .

Taking on this level 1 boss, naked and unarmed, really has to be a test full of tension.

The player in question has decided to face her in the most grueling way possible , that is, constantly dodging and hitting very little.

We don’t know if our hero will continue the quest with every boss . If he does, we hope he is endowed with great patience, seeing how he dealt with the Soldier of Godrick.

In the meantime, some have discovered a curious secret about the mounts of the aforementioned enemies. Apparently they can be turned against their masters.

Who knows if these stories will also happen with upcoming From Software projects , which will sooner or later feature some of the games it has in development.

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