eFootball 2023, the 2.5.0 patch arrives: here are all the news

In these hours, Konami has unveiled the month of release and the first details of eFootball 2023patch 2.5.0 strong>, which will include new features for players around the world.

The free-to-play rival of FIFA 23 (which you can find on Amazon) continues to take your suggestions and feedback into account of the community, which will also happen in the future.

After all, only recently Konami celebrated the download success of eFootball with an initiative that gives an in-game gift.

Now, as reported on the official website, Konami has announced that it will launch the spring update in the course of month of April, also revealing some of the upcoming news.

Among other things, the 2,5,0 update of eFootball will introduce additional player slots in “My Team”, thus going from the current 500 up to to a maximum of 900 (using GP).

But that’s not all: a new function will also be introduced in April that will allow you to add up to to 5 skills to existing players, up to a maximum of 15.

Here are some of the features introduced with the v2.5.0 update:

Additional Player Slots in “My Team” – The current player slot quota of 500 can be gradually increased to a maximum of 900 using GP.

・ New feature that allows users to add skills to existing players – 5 additional skill slots will be added to all players in “My Team”. For these additional skill slots, users can use a recently introduced “Skill Test Schedule” to add new player Skills at random.

Additional Player Contract Renewal Items and Alternate Ways to Get Them – Starting with v2.5.0, by unbinding 5 Star VG players of the following Player Types, users they will also get “Contract Renewal (10 Days)” items, as well as GP and training items. Additionally, “Contract Renewal (10 Days)” will also be available in the Match Pass and as a reward.

・ New “Inherit progress” feature: users will be able to transfer Experience Points and additional Skills from one player to another. Select a player to draw experience points and additional skills from, then “Inherit progress” and finally choose a player who meets the conditions necessary to inherit experience points and additional skills.

Other additional features of the next update will be introduced at a later time.

In any case, we remind you that a few months ago Konami announced the eFootball Italia Cup, an excellent opportunity to promote eSports in Italy.

But that’s not all: we also decided to delve into the topic in an interview with David Monk, Senior Partnerships and Activation Manager of eFootball 2023.

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