Dying Light 2 keeps updating: new content and rewards arrive

Dying Light 2: Stay Human keeps updating with corrective patches and new content.

Techland has made it known immediately that the support for its new zombie-themed survival will be really long-lasting, touching at least the five years following the release of the title.

It’s no wonder the Polish team’s commitment, given that upgrades continue to be available also for the first chapter of the series, Dying Light , which has recently received a update next-gen, although currently only available for the PS5 version.

On Steam, Techland recently confirmed the introduction of four new parkour challenges , one of the most distinctive elements and game features.

Trials will test players’ skills and give them appropriate rewards based on their performance.

The challenges are:

  • Suspension of Disbelief : you’ll have to make your way through the urban jungle of the city and manipulate the environment to your advantage
  • Grakour : characterized by the action on the roofs, rolls and falls will be the protagonists
  • Stroll on the river : in this challenge you will have to get wet, crossing streams to reach the end of the path
  • My Whole World is a Glider : in which you will have to always remain in the air to avoid the chemicals present on the ground to reach the finish line

In addition, on the official Techland website you can redeem the new Wyvern skin for paragliding for free.

Recall, among other things, that Dying Light 2 also recently had a substantial update on console, which introduced numerous performance improvements and bug and glitch fixes.

To conclude, Techland is also planning to please players with the introduction of a highly requested feature from the large community that played the title.

If you want to discover the new adventure of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you can buy it on Amazon at a discounted price not to be missed!

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