Dragon Quest, the saga loses a key figure: “I want to die without regrets”

Dragon Quest loses an important person in its history because, after so many years of honorable service, Ryutaro Ichimura leaves Square Enix.

The saga that had the support of Akira Toriyama in his invaluable artistic contribution, which you can explore with his beautiful artbook on Amazon, loses one of his historic producers.

In view of Dragon Quest XII above all, announced some time ago, which promises to be a new step in the legendary JRPG saga.

As ​​the franchise continues still to expand in every way, such as the spin -off Treasures that we told you about recently, but he will do it without Ichimura.

As Siliconera reports, on March 31 Ryutaro Ichimura, producer of the Dragon Quest saga, announced his farewell to Square Enix.

Ichimura worked as producer on Dragon Quest VIII, considered by many to be one of the best and most influential games in the series. In addition, Ichimura also served as a producer on Dragon Quest IX, which achieved cult status among fans, as well as producing the television game show Kenshin Dragon Quest.

In an announcement on Twitter, Ichimura said:

“I’m turning 47 this year and I’ve started counting down how many more games I’ll be able to make in my life. Since nowadays it takes 3 to 4 years to make a game, and to die with no regrets, I have to think carefully about every game I make.”

A definitely very lucid statement, even cold if you like, which however denotes the developer’s desire to work as much as possible in the best possible conditions.

Exploring his message, the producer of Dragon Quest explained that he would like to get involved elsewhere, even with greater freedom than experience different things.

And the melancholy note couldn’t be missing, because Ichimura mentions that he found a copy of the resume he used to apply to Square Enix. In which, as a reason for being taken into consideration by Square Enix, he inserted: «Because I love Dragon Quest» .

A positive, albeit melancholic note, very different from the one that struck the company and the fans of the franchise some time ago: the death of Koichi Sugiyama, historic composer of the iconic soundtrack of the saga.

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