Dragon Ball fans have a specific request for Sparking: Zero

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is coming to Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series new fighting game promises to inherit everything good that the Budokai Tenkaichi series has done.\r\nThe trailer has left players pleasantly impressed, who are now awaiting news with open arms.\r\nNow, between a video comparison and the On the other hand, Dragon Ball fans hope that Sparking: Zero will finally bring back the iconic loading screens of Budokai Tenkaichi.\r\nAs also reported by TheGamer, in fact, many hope that Sparking: Zero will finally bring back the loading screen minigames loading which have long been missing from the series, first appearing in Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi.\r\nFor those who don’t remember, most Dragon Ball games from the last few console generations included a minigame during loading screens thanks where players could play around while waiting for a match.\r\nIt involved mashing buttons to make Vegeta do push-ups, or pressing button combinations that appeared on the screen and even rolling a set of dragon balls. \r\nDespite being a huge hit with fans and an iconic feature of the early Dragon Ball games, these have been completely removed from recent titles like Kakarot, FighterZ and XenoVerse.\r\n\n\t\t\n \t\n\n\r\nConsidering that Sparking: Zero takes obvious inspiration from Budokai Tenkaichi and is essentially the fourth game in the series, fans like Redditor deyde_costass are hoping that minigames will be brought back into vogue.\r\nLooking forward of a confirmation from Bandi Namco, recently not only was the return of Budokai Tenkaichi revealed, but also of an unreleased title dedicated to the biggest fans of the franchise.\r\nBut not only that: speaking instead of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the fighting game from Arc System Works is finally about to launch the highly anticipated netcode rollback: just a few weeks ago a first test on PC was officially concluded.\r\nFinally, an Xbox Store leak has revealed the official weight in GB on Series |S for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, the heir to Budokai Tenkaichi.

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