Dragon Age Origins, a remake is the dream of an ex BioWare

For many fans, Dragon Age Origins is the best in the series. However, to recommend it over the equally famous Inquisiton, it has not aged very well. Precisely for this reason, someone is clamoring for a remake.

After Inquisition (which you can still find on Amazon), the series was in fact put on hold, despite the fact that the desire to bring it back into vogue has never been lacking.

While the processing of Dragon Age Dreadwolf, i.e. the new and highly anticipated chapter of the saga, is making us wait longer than necessary, it is obvious that while we wait in the past tense.

As ​​also reported by The Gamer, the lead writer of Dragon Age and former BioWare developer David Gaider seems to have clear ideas.

From character models to animations, Dragon Age Origins starts to show the weight of years. For this reason, Gaider proposed Origins as the perfect candidate for a remake or remaster, stating that he would like to see this 2009 RPG reworked in a modern light.

«If we want to remaster games from the 80s, how about Dragon Age Origins ?”, explains Gaider. «Its graphics were already backward at the time of its release… can you imagine it with the new quips and jokes of the PS5 era?».

Just below, the tweet from the former BioWare developer:

This sparked a discussion about what could be improved in a remake or remaster of the game, and Gaider himself is not short of ideas.

Responding to a fan, he said: “All I want is for Morrigan not to have the shoulders of a linebacker and for sex scenes not to look like those of someone squashing puppets and shouting ‘now kiss!’».

Overall, fans love the idea of ​​Origins getting a facelift for current-gen platforms. We’ll see if sooner or later Electronic Arts can’t fulfill this wish, for now quite improbable. Never say never, in any case.

Staying on the subject, a fan has recreated one of the most famous locations of Dragon Age Inquisition thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 5.

But that’s not all: although Dragon Age Dreadwolf has been missing from the scene for months, BioWare ensures that the title is well advanced and is even playable until the end.

Finally, Dragon Age: Absolution is the new Netflix series announced during the Netflix Geeked Week: here are all the details about the show.

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