Dragon Age Dreadwolf exists and is playable, BioWare assures

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is a highly anticipated title by fans as it marks the return of the beloved BioWare fantasy saga.

The fans had to be satisfied, in fact, to continue to explore the fantasy world through other products, such as the saga of novels that you find on Amazon.

It’s been several months since Dragon Age Dreadwolf was announced, finally giving a name to that Dragon Age 4 we knew.

A project of which we only know the title at the moment, and already the title may be hiding a secret that no one has noticed.

Although Dreadwolf has only been known for a few months, in reality Dragon Age 4 is a project that has existed, at least in intention, for many years.

It’s been a long time since we know the title exists and now, via VGC , we know that at least it’s even playable.

BioWare has posted an update on the official blog, which provides news regarding Dragon Age Dreadwolf .

Gary McKay, general manager of Bioware , revealed on the blog that the game has reached alpha status:

“We can play the entire game, from the opening scenes of the first mission to the end. We can see, hear, hear and play all as a cohesive experience. “

BioWare is focusing on the pace of the game , the relationships players will have with the characters, and the storytelling.

McKay also talked about a new area that will be explored in the game, the city of Minrathous, the capital of the Tevinter Empire:

«We’ve talked about Minrathous in previous games and now you can finally visit it! It’s a city built and powered by magic, and the ways it has emerged in its visual identity, and how it looks compared to the previous cities we visited in Dragon Age, are quite spectacular. “

As for the future, and a possible release date, McKay said there is still a lot to do, but there are no release periods yet of any kind.

For those who haven’t finished Inquisition , however, there is good news for when Dragon Age Dreadwolf comes out.

In the meantime Dragon Age is coming to Netflix, with a show that will evoke the fantasy atmosphere of the saga.

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