Does PS5 need the folders or not? Not even the players know how to make up their minds

Since PlayStation 5 came on the market, someone pointed out that despite the great strides made by the dashboard in some terms – one above all, the ease with which you access the PlayStation Store, compared to the past – there was another step back. We are talking about the possibility of creating folders , useful for organizing and categorizing the video games installed.

Now, beyond the fact that unfortunately the internal SSD of the console does not allow you to keep so many large games installed (a critical issue that we highlighted since the first console debut), surely for many it would be convenient to be able to intelligently organize your digital playroom.

The feature, which was introduced in 2016 on PS4, hasn’t returned to PlayStation 5 at the moment – which actually took some time even for the VRR that has been rumored for some time now. But how important are folders really for gamers?

Does PS5 need the folders?

A curious survey launched by the ResetEra community tries to give us an answer, although on a small sample: although it often happens to come across users who, innocently, wonder how it is possible to create folders on PS5, 22.8% of voters say that “never felt the need, just for get started ».

When asked in the survey, which asks «Do you need PS5 folders in your life?» , 44.6% of respondents chose the «folders now! ». However, it is also true that 32.7% said they want them, but not urgently and therefore do not consider them a priority.

Adding those who do not consider them an urgency to those who are careless about their arrival, we have a total of 55.5% of respondents who can wait for them calmly or who don’t care about the feature at all . The rest, however, would like to have them as soon as possible.

Just recently, even Nintendo Switch had been at the center of similar discussions, when finally the Kyoto company had decided – five years after the debut of the hybrid console – to introduce the possibility of creating folders to be able to catalog precisely your own video games.

We’ll see if that’s the case with the PS5 too, although the feedback from Sony is likely similar to what emerged from the small survey – it’s a feature gamers would appreciate, but without urgency.

In the meantime, the hope is that the inventory issues will be resolved first (the console is still nowhere to be found on retailers like Amazon). According to Sony we should have improvements in the coming months, so that the generation can finally press the accelerator.

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