Do you want the new Dino Crisis? Capcom is asking you

Dino Crisis is the series by Capcom born in the now distant 1999 thanks to the creative genius of Shinji Mikami , a saga parked in a corner and never resumed.

Inspired by the Resident Evil classics (which you can also find on Amazon in an excellent compilation), the first chapter follows the story of Regina , a special agent sent with a team to investigate a structure on an island crammed with dinosaurs .

If fans have been fantasizing about a possible remake for years, so much so that an illustrator has created artwork of a hypothetical Dino Crisis Remake , perhaps the fateful day is approaching.

Now, while someone hoped (in vain) that Dino Crisis could be linked to one of the upcoming Capcom games, a much happier news has arrived.

As also reported by The Gamer , Capcom has launched a survey to understand which brands are among the most loved by fans.

These include series such as Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter , but above all Dragon’s Dogma, Dead Rising, Breath of Fire and, indeed, Dino Crisis .

Considering that the latest Dino Crisis was out now nearly 20 years ago , it’s more than normal that fans have gone headlong to suggest Regina’s return .

So we’ll see if this fan poll will pay off, with the hope that the Jurassic survival horror franchise will soon make a comeback.

After all, there are more and more people who are sure of the return of Dino Crisis , even spotting him in some digital stores.

It is also true that many fans of the original game were even more speechless when they saw a character curiously similar to Regina in an upcoming Capcom game, Exoprimal .

In any case, in the latest event dedicated to the news of the Mega Man House, Capcom revealed many other very interesting things: you can find them all here, in our rich recap.

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