DIY expert builds a brass PS5 (and “it was difficult”)

We now have some experience in custom PS5 , having seen, literally, all colors in recent times, starting with the coveted black.

The model we show you today is probably very unique, coming from the efforts of a DIY expert active on YouTube whose videos have traveled the world.

DIY Perks , the nickname of Matthew Perks (with almost 3 million subscribers), has in fact created a brass PS5 based on the Digital Edition and using all the original internal components.

The most complicated part of the process, as explained in the video and reported by VGC , was giving the shape of the real PlayStation 5 to brass, a material typically not very flexible.

In particular, a major headache was giving their typical shape to the side panels, for which Perks used wood as a base and a blowtorch to shape them.

In short, an effort of no small importance but which, as you can already see from the cover of the video, has given really impressive results.

What you see looks to all intents and purposes an official PS5 , with a very attractive color, and a design that almost perfectly replicates the Sony console.

One of the few differences with the “authentic” console is the position of the wi-fi antenna , positioned outside since the brass would have obstructed the signal.

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This is not the first time we have seen such colors applied to a PlayStation 5: you will remember the case of the youtuber who spent 10,000 euros for a gold variant.

There are those who are fans of Marvel superheroes and have thought of creating an (impressive) body inspired by Iron Man, complete with an energy core exposed on the side panels.

Others have remained more humble and have contented themselves with painting over the atypical white body of the PS5, for what is still considered a remarkable art attack.

If you want to be ready for the launch of the first big names on PS5, we recommend that you pre-order the console when it becomes available again.

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