Discontented fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield take it out on Junichi Masuda (who replies)

Last week, we saw the announcement of the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass, which will bring new regions and also the return of over 200 Pokémon initially excluded from the game. The latter, which can also be received in exchange by those who do not own the expansions (as long as they obviously interact with friends who have purchased them), have been particular objects of criticism that have involved Game FREAK .

Many fans, in fact, did not appreciate the fact that instead of launching an ultra edition of Sword and Shield , this time it was decided on expansions to buy in addition – and accuse the software house of cutting some content from the game and then reselling them separately.

Some took it out on Junichi Madusa on his Twitter profile, producer of the game: someone wrote that he wanted a comment on the fact that “old contents have been cut to make money with DLC”. Masuda’s answer, probably exhausted by social controversies? «Today is a holiday and it is also my birthday. Will you let me relax? »

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