Dinos Reborn is not the new Dino Crisis (but winks at Turok)

For years, players have been clamoring for a remake or sequel to Dino Crisis , the dinosaur survival horror series born on the original PlayStation and continued (in a rather bland) on 128-bit consoles with the mediocre Dino Crisis 3 and Dino Crisis – Gun Survivor .

Luck has it that, unlike the Mega Man House, many developers haven’t abandoned the charm of the Jurassic era (after all, Jurassic Park has set the tone). Dinos Reborn is in fact the title of a new subjective title – along the lines of Turok – which will put players in a world where saurians still reign supreme on Earth .

Developed by HardCodeWay and the Polish publisher Vision Edge Entertainment , this is the first project from the developer team. Below, you will find the fascinating announcement trailer (via IGN.com ):

Dinos Reborn plans to combine open world exploration, survival and environmental puzzles. The player will play the role of a man with no memory, on a planet that is very reminiscent of the Earth in the time of the dinosaurs. In addition to dealing with fatigue, hunger and thirst, the protagonist will have to hunt and fight the dinosaurs, create key objects for his survival and solve the mystery behind the return of the giants that ruled the planet 65 million years ago.

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The trailer shows a variety of tools provided to the player, such as hatchets and dart guns. The environments range from lush forests to beaches, passing through some mysterious abandoned laboratories covered with vegetation. More information on the game will be released by the end of the year.

Currently Dinos Reborn is slated for release for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles sometime in 2022.

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