Dino Crisis, “early” return from the new Capcom game? Here is the answer

At some point in recent times, speculations have begun that Capcom may be working on the return of Dino Crisis.

The “cousin” series of Resident Evil , the latest chapter of which is on Amazon, with dinosaurs, many weapons, and a fascinating agent with a helmet red , has had many admirers over the years.

Rumors have exploded over the years, and there are more and more people who are sure of the return of Dino Crisis , even spotting him in some digital stores .

The fans of the game, or more simply of the protagonist Regina, remained even more shocked when they saw a character curiously similar to her in a Capcom game.

Let’s talk about Exoprimal , game announced some time ago and shown again during the last Capcom showcase in the meanders of Summer Game Fest .

The connection with Dino Crisis has never been obvious (beyond the likeness of the character), indeed, but it was born from a working connection, so to speak.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi is in fact involved in the new project. The fact that he worked as the planner and producer of the first Dino Crisis released in 1999 , as well as the producer of Dino Crisis 3 , immediately made jump conspiratorial players for joy.

In a recent interview with IGN US , director Takuro Hiraoka talked about many aspects of Exoprimal , even talking about the connection with the dinosaur game.

When asked by IGN US on the matter, Hiraoka gave a definitive answer . Get ready because, if you were hoping for a confirmation of the theory, you probably won’t like it :

“No, the game is authentic and has no relation to Dino Crisis.”

Then ends a series of rumors involving Exoprimal . Maybe Dino Crisis will return somehow , but for now this is just another dinosaur game, very trashy.

Capcom did not announce the return of Regina in the last event, but many other very interesting things: you can find them all here.

To console you, someone has revived Capcom’s dinosaur saga with Unreal Engine 5 , of course.

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